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Bowhunting attracts hunting enthusiastswith more than just the thrill of the hunt. While hunting with a rifle allows the hunter to shoot the animal from hundreds of yards away, hunting with bows requires the hunter to get within 45 yards or less of their target. Because bow hunters get so close to their target, the bow hunter needs to be aware of their preys sense of smell, hearing and sight.

With bow hunting, stalking prey at such a close range requires a keen awareness of the animal they are tracking and their environment. For avid outdoorsmen who enjoy hunting with bows there are a variety of hunting bows on the market designed for different types of hunting and levels of proficiency. There are even hunting bows specifically designed for fishing.

Be sure to research the local seasons and restrictions on bowhunting in your area before planning a hunt. When engaged in it responsibly, bow hunting is a very humane way of limiting animal populations that would otherwise grow too large if left unchecked. Hunting bows are effective tools for keeping herds from breeding beyond sustainable numbers and causing starvation, disease, and increased predator threats.

In Europe, bow hunting is fairly limited but hunters can still find opportunities in countries like France, Lithuania, and Finland. These and a few other European nations welcome the sport; several others are considering reintroducing it.

North Americans will find that most regions allow bow hunting, but they will need to understand the specific rules and regulations of their particular area. Most bow seasons are staggered with firearm hunting seasons so as to decrease interference and competition between the two. All the major large and small game species that may be legally hunted with firearms may also be hunted by archers. Some states have even begun to legalize crossbow hunting for the first time in years.